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Ketotek Digital Power Energy Meter Wattmeter 220V Voltmeter Ammeter KWh Watt Monitor KTB0305

Power Meter can measure the power consumption of electric appliances,carbon emissions and cost of the electricity.
It helps users to track their electric consumption and reduce the power bill and carbon emissions.
It also has the functions of electricity alam, electricity consumption alarm, overload alarm, etc.
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  • Parameters


    • Operating voltage: 230V ac

    • Frequency display: 50Hz

    • Wide voltage range: 200~250V

    • Operating current: max 16A

    • Wattage display (watts): 0W-3680W

    • Current display (amps): 0.0A- 16.0A

    • Price display range: 0 00€/KWH-99.99€KWH

    • Total KWh and cost display: 0.000KWH----99999KWH 00€---9999€

    Function Description:




    • Power Meter can measure the power consumption of electric appliances,carbon emissions and cost of the electricity.

    • It helps users to track their electric consumption and reduce the power bill and carbon emissions.

    • It also has the functions of electricity alam, electricity consumption alarm, overload alarm, etc.



    First use of attention:




    Question 1: LCD does not show?



    Solution: Probably due to the long storage time, the product buit-in 3.6V rechargeable battery no electricity, plug in the power
    to charge the battery, 10 minutes later the product can be displayed.




    Question 2: This product will display the current power, the minimum instantaneous power and the maximum instantaneous 
    power during operation, please be careful not to confuse.


    Package Content


    • 1 x Power meter

    • 1 x English Manual




    Question 3:LCD display abnormal or button no response?



    Solution: press reset button to reproduce setting parameters.

    Battery: 3.6V rechargeable battery. The function is to store total electricity and set up memory.


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