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KT3200 Digital Plug-in Thermostat Temperature Controller Socket

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  • Introduction

    • The KT3200 temperature controller display the measured temperature, set the start and stop temperature to control the heating or cooling equipment.

    • It also has time function to set day and night temperature independenty.

    • It is widely used in intelligent control such as heating, refrigeration,brewing,reptile, aquaculture greenhouse, home life and many other places.


    • Power supply: 100~250VAC 50/60Hz

    • Temperature control range: -40℃~120℃/-72℉~176℉

    • ℃/℉ Switchable

    • Setting time: 0-24h/Daily cycle timer

    • Control accuracy: ±1℃/±2℉

    • Sensor: NTC10K/B3950

    • Output: Max 16A/230V EU/UK/FR/AU Plug

    • Max 15A/120V US plug

    • Reset function

    • Temperature calibration function

    • Memory function when power off

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